being part of a bigger picture.

The spring is often a revival of life to many (especially us Minnesotans toughing out the weather right now). We take the spring season to host graduation parties, celebrate prom, reunite the family -- we do all of this to reconnect and celebrate new beginnings. However, the option to have start fresh is a luxury that we take for granted in our country. 

The feeling of learning something new is priceless. That moment when everything clicks and boom, you just found a new thing to be passionate about is indescribable; you have this crazy idea that you can change the world, or something like that. I hit this epiphany whilst taking a class offered at my high school called Middle Eastern Crisis & Conflict. Over the last quarter, I spend my time learning the history of a region that not enough light has been shed on. Little did I know about the Middle East's beautiful, yet disheartening at times, history. Little did I know about the multitude of crises that are occurring overseas. The Syrian Refugee Crisis is one of the biggest humanitarian crises that is slipping away unnoticed. 13 million and counting individuals have become refugees/have been displaced from their homes. The Syrian Civil War is alive and will continue to destroy families and futures if we don't take action. 

I want to use my passion to contribute to a larger picture; starting February, I will be taking photos of your memories and donating this money to a good cause. From headshots to family reunions, I'll do them all! All profit will be donated to support the White Helmets in Syria. Shoot me an email for booking and pricing. I look forward to hearing from you! Peace & love, Lalyn